That moment you realize your night is like a movie, so you do what any reasonable millennial would do…take a selfie. Futuristic and Devvon Terrell may be on to something with their three part music video series directed by Jakob Owens. From ‘Roll Up‘ to ‘UH‘, Futuristic and Devvon Terrell’s escapade comes to a fitting end with the carefree and upbeat music video ‘Lit’. The whole club is beaming with energy, regardless how late it may be the whole squad still feels “Tony the Tiger great“. ‘Lit’ is featured on Futuristic and Devvon Terrell’s mixtape ‘Coast 2 Coast‘ alongside ‘UH‘, and ‘Roll Up‘. You can listen to the project here.

Be sure to check out the Y&R Music Festival this Saturday, January 23rd at Orlando, FL’s The Beacham. Futuristic will be performing along with other great acts such as Curren$y, Moosh & Twist, Mike Stud, as well as 8Pounds featured local artists Kim, City Tucker, Palmer Reed, and more! Tickets can be purchased here

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