Denzel Curry walks with his back against the sun on an arduous path weighted with the echoes of the past. A different era with laser guns, but the story is the same, one man seeking to redeem his soul. “Redeeming, deeming, deeming…” His remarks haunt his mind.

Why can’t people be happier? Director Akira Kurosawa sought to answer this question in his far-reaching film The Hidden Forest. The Japanese director influenced George Lucas’ Star Wars. Now Denzel Curry, Kurosawa’s themes and visual language are a direct inspiration for his Walkin music video, world tour, and Melt My Eyez See Your Future album.

“This album is made up of everything that I couldn’t give you on Ta13oo or Imperial because I was going through depression anger issues,” Denzel explains in the press release. When trekking through a nightmare the best thing one can do is to “keep on walkin”.

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