At licOrlando, the world’s largest paint party, City Tucker performed with DJ Big Makk their hit single ‘Jenga‘ (featured here, on 8Pounds) in front of a crowd of thousands. City Tucker has also assembled, hosted, and performed at the 1st annual OurLandDope showcase. Every Sunday City Tucker hosts BackBooth’s Shake N’ Bass event, he’s also finishing up his album ‘Untitled EP’, and will be performing at his pop-up show  ‘The Prohibited’ as well as performing at The Blend Orlando’s 1st festival, 4OXO. City Tucker is doing a lot for his city, its no wonder he’s been stressed out, I guess one can say City is (*wait for it*) all tuckered out. Nowadays the only way the emcee finds rest is from sparking up some loud on his momma’s couch, but “no one man can smoke all that sour” so he’s joined by Curtis Williams Danco James for a session on his latest single ‘Living Room’. Producer Damijin Myndz furnishes ‘Living Room’ with fat thumps from a bass drum, the pounding of piano keys that sound like an enraged Mozart on E major, and a nagging wah-wah effect that eventually gets lost like some change between cushions as the emcees thrive on the dope instrumental. City manages to find the energy to deliver eccentric lyrics that complement the laid-back flow of Curtis Williams and his whiskey indulged verse that has the Two-9  hiphop collective founder seeing double. Once the song ends, listeners will be fully convinced that both City Tucker and Curtis Williams are far from being slouches. City Tucker’s ‘Untitled EP’ drops December 1st, until then check out his recent tape, D.A.R.E. 2 here at 8Pounds.

Art By RIP Halsi


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