Lil’ Jody wasn’t built for war. He was built for family, he lived for acknowledgement from his big brother whom he painfully admired, but to lil’ Jody’s demise his elder brother was too ignorant, too self-centered, and too busy to nurture the waning innocence of lil’ Jody’s adolescence to becoming ‘better forever forever better’. A loaded Glock 9 always within reach, lil’ Jody’s big brother was built for war. Such is the anecdotal construct built by MytoStudios’ director David Daudin & co-director Christopher Gotera for Kim’s  video, Fight Or Flight: Jody’s Song, as premiered on WordKrush.

Producer Jove Beats‘ soundscape of a frail Blues melody partnered with a fray Boom-bap cadence allows Kim‘s introspective narrative to present the underlining questions: what would you die for? live for? kill for? Such questions effectively call for one to ponder and promptly prioritize their values; money, physical appearance, or some Jordan XIs are top priority to some, but to Kim and his homies, family is always first. lil’ Jody shares the same sentiment which explains why he hangs on to his big brother’s every whim until he couldn’t hang on any more and his soul took flight over a pair of Jordan’s priced at $254.39 after waiting hours in line to buy it for his big brother.

What happened to Jody happens more than it should, an overcast to an otherwise lively hoop culture, for more than 20 years we’ve all been ‘Jordan shrugging‘ at those losing their life over something deemed trivial, at least Jody finally got the acknowledgement he desperately sought from his brother whom finally saw that family comes first as he immediately rushes to his little brother’s aid and to fight for what he lost. Jody was never built to fight, Jody was better off running.

Orlando, FL emcee, Kim, will be performing ‘Fight or Flight’ and other songs from his 8Pounds featured album, The Polymath, at downtown’s  Aero and The Patio for the ‘pop-up shop’ festival, 4OXO, this Saturday alongside other talented musicians. 4OXO’s purpose is to raise awareness of the thriving art, music, and fashion culture in this beautiful city, as well as raise awareness for Breast Cancer.



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