The message is clear as day, it’s stark as night, it’s black and white. “They never cared about us, they never see us afloat, they want to see us drowning”, a bold statement from the Houston native Marcellus Juvann, just as bold as his precursor statement “Fuck CNN”. Marcellus’ music video “Holy Grail” is a follow up to the highly receptive ’03 Malibu. Director David Daudin of Myto Studios and Anand Sheth of Anand.Vision provide a heavily contrasted filter as the Orlando, FL emcee, Marcellus Juvann, appears as a dark stain upon the immaculately white backdrop. An equally bold analogous statement to how the undeniably, predominantly Caucasian ran media overcasts stigmas of black minorities in the United States of America. The music video sets the tone with a snippet of 2015’s Baltimore protest of the death of Freddie Gray. Sledge hammer in hand Marcellus smashes the idiot box before dropping knowledge as the hard hitting basslines of Yung Ladd’s production blast into scene. Marcellus’ verses turns civil commentary on its head while the accompanied intense instrumental incites a rallying tone fueled by skepticism having one seeing red as outline illustrations appear momentarily on screen. USA is the land of the free where dreams are realized, USA is a holy grail; promising happiness, abundance, and youth, but like Monty Python and The Holy Grail, it’s beginning to feel like a joke for minorities lately.


Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of