Learning how to love and learning how to understand can be a horrifying endeavor; an endeavor only the foolish, or the brave, embark on alone. Neo-soul artist Bria Zhanae takes a leap of faith into such void in hopes of  discovering the bliss that she eloquently expresses as the content brought from gazing at the sunset and watching the moon rise. The Orlando, FL singer invites listeners to fall with her as she journeys through her heart, mind, flesh, and soul on ‘Into The Void’, her 4 track EP. Each record is like a soulful lullaby for a petulant heart where it’s whimpers are soothed from Bria’s angelic vocals and the heavenly caresses on a Harp, accompanied by the tender plucks and presses on an electric guitar and piano, with some cushiony basslines provided by producers IGNORVNCE, 3FoldBeats, and Elevator/Thrash. Emcees Adj B., LB, and Marcellus Juvann, are like the ‘yang‘ to Bria’s ‘yin‘ to an otherwise lonely thus disheartening plunge, but all together ‘Into The Void’ is found to be a stellar ballad that ascends to becoming ultimately, poetry with melody.


Join 8Pounds and Bria Zhanae, this Saturday at 4OXO, as she performs her EP along with other records over live instrumentals. 4OXO houses other talented musicians, as well as art, and fashion on the roof of downtown’s The Patio and Aero for the purpose of showcasing Orlando’s culture and to raise funds for the American Cancer Society in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com