The realization Marcellus Juvann is way over his head kicks in when his engine kicks-out in the middle of nowhere. At times ‘nowhere’ is exactly where one needs to be. In the instance of ’03’ Malibu’, directors Anand Sheth and Corbin Bradley depict the Orlando, FL emcee taking a much needed detour in life for a true vision. The situation couldn’t get much worse but nature can be a bitch as lightning strikes, forcing the music to come to a near screeching halt arriving to Marcellus Juvann’s Houston, ‘chopped and screwed’ roots. A time when he feared no man and “retaliation was a must”; such is the life where a dark, twisted, fantasy isn’t even imaginable, all promising dreams drown away. The silver lining of Marcellus’ dark cloud becomes apparent once the storm stops and the music resumes coinciding with Marcellus’ proclaimed trust in ‘the man above’ as he’s then shown pushing his 03′ Malibu up a hill with singer Kali at the steering wheel. Like a guardian angel, the presence of Kali is felt from her soulful vocals throughout the video radiating a sunny vibrance on the chorus. With a renewed outlook and much needed fuel for the drive, a brighter future appears. Who’s to tell where Marcellus Juvann will go. Regardless where, he wont be alone to his glorious goal.

03′ Malibu is from Marcellus Juvann’s anticipated album ‘The Fall’ dropping this November 22nd. While you wait, listen to his single ‘Houston Nights‘ featured in the past on 8Pounds.


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