Ridiculous Rowe is back…did you miss him? The Fort Lauderdale, Florida rapper drops his latest project since Binna Winna from 2013. Troubled Soul is Rowe having a good time over soulful samples reminiscent of Kanye’s College Dropout; a large part of this sound can be accredited to Rowe as well as the prominent productions from Cromer Beats. The featureless EP also has productions from Unkle Steve, Legendary, J Swagga/CutZ plus more. In the mainstream the south is known for loud ‘trap music’, dance centric songs, and bass blaring songs where the artist often takes backseat as the beats are the driving force to the success of a record with a catchy hook riding shotgun. Troubled Soul isn’t that. Solo, Rowe includes some said elements as he takes listeners to a more personal, and honest destination with his lyrics that aren’t detoured by productions instead are expertly guided. Tracks like Lighter Please, and the other 8 tracks shows Rowe flow effortlessly expressing his new found insight from his past troubles and his dreams that survived along with him.

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com