LB – Higher Art(LP)
author: Patrick Funom


Hennessy hits the concrete, the brown water seeps between the cracks, baptizing the roots of a battered rose. Hennessy on LB’s breathe, the emcee mutters “I am that black boy”. That black boy seeks to be heard in 2016’s United States of America. ‘Higher Art‘ is the articulated thoughts of the D.C. native, Orlando, FL resident emcee. ‘Higher Art‘ seeks to levitate-or alleviate-black culture. That black boy hasn’t seen joy instead has seen the blood of brethren seep through too many concrete cracks. Police brutality is a reality revealed on the track ‘Hidden Colors’. Death from straight shots. The mind of LB proves to be bullet proof. The Grand Slamm Records‘ emcee seeks to fire back using lyrics laced with potent truths that powerfully pierce the hardened hide of the beast named bigotry.


Features include: Marcellus Juvann, Gabrielle Victoria, and Bria Zhanae

Art Cover: Dom By Design

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of