The bottle-inverted-yields the final drop of life’s intoxicating elixir, freedom. She had drank all the spirits; her money low as her spirit. Music is her last vice left. ‘The Great Escape’ became a way out of the deep end she had fallen into. Marcellus Juvann’s album is “as country as Cornbread, Collard Greens, and Ham Hocks”. The Houston native cooks up 50s’ hard bop jazz from New Orleans with present day boom bap hiphop. It’s as if John Coltrane’s spiritual juke and jive with the impetuous styles of Marcellus and his feature artists: Bria Zhanae, Adj-b, Kaiydo, and LB199X. The productions of JimmyB Beats, Kountdown, Eyezlow, and Jayze Johnson create a speakeasy; piano notes stride, horns stroll, and percussions bop jovially on its disco. Marcellus’ religious undertones in his verses take ahold, delivering her from the deep end. Spirit lifted she sits back and allows the music to ease her mind for another escape.

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