Faith can transform a futile situation into a fruitful one. The rapper Sylvan LaCue has been on a quest searching for himself. It was not until he stumbled upon the endearing Evangeline where he found himself in love. His EP ‘EVANGELINE’ is an ode to her and a precursor to his full length project “Far From Familiar” which features his latest music video “Fall From Grace“. The Nick Bilardello and Jonathan Benavente directed visual remains faitful to Sylvan’s spiritual centric content as we follow the NYC native on a journey through his city’s cold and desolate streets to the warm interior of the Church of the Holy Trinity. The vivid imagery of Roman Catholic architecture overlay Linzi Jai’s traditional orchestral instrumental corrupted with familiar hiphop 808s. Sylvan graces the beat with judiciously timed delivery as his stoic verses come off as a confession (or a vent) only to be saved by a poignant prayer-like refrain “so help me God. I lost my way. Don’t let me fall from grace…”.

Cinematography by Nick Maharore

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