CreativAngel took a couple years to hone and focus his talents since his 2nd mixtape, Focus. The young emcee, soon to be 23, takes the lessons he’s learned during his sabbatical to enlighten listeners on his new tape ‘Creativ U’ presented by CreativUniverse Invictvs, & TSA Showcase. With no features ‘Creativ U’  is a curriculum through 6 tracks where CreativAngel shares the practices of seeking within one’s self for the positivity, the drive, and the patience to cultivate a successful mental attitude, such skills were acquired from gurus such as  Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, and Napoleon Hill, whom a snippet of his universal wisdom begins the tape on the intro ‘Purpose‘. The Orlando, FL emcee enlists the productions from SdotFire, YoungNFly, and Seventh Lettah to provide a soundscape of  tranquil ambiances harmonized with erratic cymbals and wind chimes, and in attendance, studious 808s that always arrive on time for the many instrumental change ups. CreativAngel’s adaptable flow, empowering verses, and  affirmation like choruses ultimately create a synergy to imply a message without being heavy handed beating the listener over the head with a ruler like a shrewd grade school teacher. That message is to know your purpose, for with a purpose ‘U’ can change the world.

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of