The Broward count resident emcee, HNDRX, premieres his first single, S.M.B. Claudel ‘HNDRX’ Alexis delivers a hustler’s narrative on the eerie, gothic, trap, and bass heavy production provided by Abass. S.M.B. is the embodiment of HNDRX’s upbringing;

Claudel was named after the famous sculpture, Camille Claudel, who’s sculptures capture the essence of philosophical figures. HNDRX music borrows elements of philosophy and he incorporates it with his biblical, and impoverished background.

Growing up HNDRX’s mother worked diligently to provide for her family, which meant she could not be around as much. For that period of time HNDRX ran with the gang known as Zoes, but the Haitian born artist was lucky enough to have a support system that included his grandmother who was a missionary and would bring HNDRX with her to ghettos where she would build churches for the community as well as other charity work, this helped him put his life into perspective.

The Haitian artist takes his, mistakes, successes, history, purpose, love, and hate, and compresses them all into sound, his signature sound that HNDRX and his producer brother, Abass, debut to the world with the 8Pounds premiere of S.M.B. and later in their full project, Brick & Mortar EP.

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