Around early 2010s hiphop had a surging enrollment of ‘Frat Rap’. A genre dominated by white artists like Asher Roth, Huey Mack, Hoodie Allen, Mac Miller, G-Eazy, and Mike Stud. Records like Asher Roth’s ‘I Love College’, Mac Miller’s ‘Donald Trump’, and Mike Stud’s ‘College Humor‘ gained more circulation than the SparkNotes for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The carefree-often inebriation encouraging-nature of ‘frat rap’ captured the attention of many college students looking for a distraction from studies. However, students often grow-up, graduate, and mature. Like some of the artists mentioned, Mike Stud’s music matured into a more refined (and respected) genre of hiphop that’s pleasantly unique to the artist.

The once relief pitcher of Duke University baseball team throws out his most solid project to date titled ‘These Days‘. His change up from his college party beginnings strikes the right notes. Mike Stud’s party antics are still present in opening track ‘Swish’, and ‘Jack Daniels’, but with a finesse that’s only achieved from age like a glass of fine whisky; not to be binged but to be enjoyed. Producers Jitta On The Track, and Louis Bell & James Defina crowd the plate of productions as the 10 tracks are handled with ambient chords, ‘chillwave’ style synths, and polished basslines that team perfectly with Mike Stud’s smooth harmonizing, jovially juvenile wit, and transparent commentary on his personal life.

‘These Days’ feels like the right pick of influences from Mike’s pass days as an injured college athlete recording music in his dorm to keep sane, and the Mike Stud who’s now a professional artist batting close to 1000, not just in music but also in life these days. The sole feature on the album from Toronto Blue Jays pitcher, Marcus Stroman, is a significant one. Marcus was Mike Stud’s teammate at Duke, and has been with Mike since the beginning days, present at all his recording sessions, and through the tough time when Mike was rehabbing a serious injury. Marcus’ presence can be equated to a branching path. A ‘what could have been’ if the talented athlete didn’t choose music but stayed with baseball. Would he have the same level of success like his friend Marcus? When it’s all said and done the path to success is decided on the individual not the observer or the listener.

‘These Days’ can be downloaded on iTunes.

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