We don’t choose the ones we love, a night of lust may sprout unexpected life. For SoFloHipHop’s Marv PAX, that budding life is his son, Makiah. Admittedly ill-equipped to raise a child, an abortion was the hastily thought option. Marv PAX’s father was absent from his life since the emcee’s adolescence. Not wanting to walk in his father’s shoes, the unsuitable Son Of A Ba$e is determined to do whatever it takes to nurture his seed into a better man than he, as he himself, is a better man than his estranged father. The House Of Creativity produced video, Seed Of A Base, are guidelines for Makiah, now 2 years old and unblemished to this harsh world. Marv PAX shares as much knowledge allotted in 4 minutes over a soothingly enchanting instrumental of delicate taps from cymbals and percussion drums over a gallant melody while director Ra-Image provides memories of Marv and his son presented as visual overlays. Such knowledge is not just for his son, however, but for future fathers too. The insight gained from Marv PAX’s intimate ode to Makiah implores me to leave an ode of my own for when (or if) that time comes; so to my ‘seed of a base’ I say this “I will sacrifice it all to see you crawl, stand tall, and fall. Then to get back up again and grow into a virtuous man”.

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