Time is more precious than money; a penny saved is a penny earned, but you can’t put seconds in a Piggy bank. The GoldHouse singer, Villz, is familiar with such sentiment, one can tell from his ‘time’ centric project,  Till The End Of Summer and the hit single ‘420am‘ which is produced by in house producer Mike Ewing who’s featured on Villz’ latest song, Time Wasted, from his upcoming album ‘Ego’. Producer 440 provides an instrumental reminiscent of singer Avant’s avant garde song ‘4 Minutes‘ but with more urgency. The steady piano cadence races against antsy hihats to the midway point where the beat momentarily switches up; amidst the clash is Villz, poignant and delivering his vocals with his signature composure as he emotes from the bittersweet memory of  a waning love that was too weak to endure a phase of self discovery.


Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com