It’s been 6 months since they’ve last seen each other; “you know I still have faith?” raps Bas in his Scott Lazer directed video ‘Ricochet’. Memories bounce between the two flames as they reflect on the good ‘ol days. Bas feels like a kid again. He feels lighter than a risen hit, one can see him floating through the streets on cloud 9. The sun begins to set over Venice Beach, CA and the Dreamville rapper, now alone, watches the horizon while he comes to grip with his intuition. Ron Gilmore & The Hics’ soothing and jazzy instrumental billows then crashes with a calamity of hi-hats and drums until the electro calm where the soulful whisper from The Hics are heard singing “…Let it go”.

Be alert as Bas‘ second show of his Too High To Riot tour will be in Orlando, FL today. If you can find tickets head to BackBooth and watch him, Cozz, EarthGang, The Hics, and 8Pounds’ featured artist Marcellus Juvann light up the stage.

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