Dreamville emcee Bas, and UK ‘electro-soul’ band The Hics are heading to a crossroad in the music video “Matches” directed by Doubiago Bishara and Nelson G. Navarrete for The Super Mookin Fiends. The path there is a slippery slope. Drinks with video vixens and plenty of ‘xans’ to dull the fears but revolt what could of been. Past’s shadow dances in the backdrop as the group drives toward a bright future with fame’s light keeping what could of been at bay. “Tears of joy we can drown the sun” Bas raps aloft producer Ron Gilmore’s down-to-earth instrumental that matches U.S. east coast boom-bap with U.K. electronic neo-soul synths. Bas, together with The Hics, and Ron Gilmore arrive at the edge of stardom and melancholy.

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com