SESHTAPE is inspired by the artists who performed at #TheSeshOrlando open mic event on September 2nd sponsored by RedLipStick&HipHop, and TSA Showcase, hosted at Cafe Annie downtown Orlando, FL.

SESHTAPE is the embodiment of the most prevalent themes from #TheSeshOrlando event. Those themes are Love, & Loathe. The compilation of spoken word sessions, Hip Hop, and R&B songs from IAMPVYNE, RellzMusiQ, Donny Blanks, Blue November, Moody Green, danEnWhy, and Pretty Boy Jay convey those themes.

May it be self-love or love for another, opposed to self-loath or loathe for another. Each theme is presented to it’s extreme. The tape progresses to show a natural maturity between the polar opposites with balance being the goal, a mesh of the two is what to aspire to.

Art Cover by: T_r3llz

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of