“Weekend at Henry’s” is a time well spent with dope bass-lines and a syrupy melody that leans more than Bernie from the cult classic movie producer Henry Daher’s song parodies – “Weekend At Bernie’s“. More Red Stripe for the Colours Of The Culture rapper NIKO IS and Rich Records rapper Danny Towers who wipe their feet on the doormat before blowing the roof off Henry Daher’s pristine instrumental with respective lines like “The mind keep shining like diamond on chain/Timeless they claim, God dang! So many drugs I think I need an attorney…I’m off the Xan I move like Weekend at Bernie’s…“, and ” Toe tag ghost riding in a Regal/ dope bags I’m supplying to the people/I blow gas add fire to the diesel…” The producer of G-Eazy’s hit record “Sad Boy”  and co-producer of WifisFuneral’s “When Hell Falls” album tells Mass Appeal how the wavey song came together:

“For this joint Danny and I were locked in the studio for a week, working on his upcoming project ‘Hell Raiser’. I brought NIKO through. We knocked it all out, including the beat, in a few hours and it just felt real natural.” – Henry Daher


cover by Duane Planes 

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com