Colours Of The Culture are movin’ on up. The down-to-earth collective founded by acclaimed producer Thanks Joey (and later accelerated from the inclusion of NIKO IS, and KRIKOS) are determined to paint the world in Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo, and Violet too with the brush of hiphop culture. Over the years the collective has broaden to include a vast spectrum of talent that includes Palmer Reed, Chris Smith, Yous The Juice, Henry Daher, Paulina Vo, and most notably Talib Kweli whom recently had the opportunity to speak with the highly influential emcee on the deluxe movement and how he and his Javotti Media became involvedThe east side, and soon the world, will be more familiar with the Orlando, FL collective on October 13th, the official release of their debut collaborative, free album ‘ROYGBIV: What A Colourful World‘. The single ‘George Jefferson’ is the first pastel from the anticipated album; producer KRIKOS provides an electric piano, an electric guitar, a kick drum, hi-hats, and a cowbell for NIKO IS to get his stroll on with a swagger like George Jefferson on the casually-eclectic, and silky-smooth instrumental. The only thing this song is missing is…more cowbell.

Artwork by Yous The Juice

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