The steady rhythm from pure piano keys is heard cutting through heavily weighted 808s in the Haitian born singer Villz‘ song ‘Drugs‘ featuring Pusha T. Money is Pusha T’s vice “first class fly you in/ i can get you higher than/ candle light dinners out, see you coke diet thin… “, the GOOD Music president raps. Villz’ falsetto reaches a euphoric high on the bridge, his carefree cadence entices the heroine of his song to do all the drugs with him. It’ll dull the pain that truth has caused her. The intoxicating melody makes it easier to give in. Producers Syk Sense, and Fademajah provide a similar nocturnal, wintry atmosphere from their instrumentals in Bryson Tiller’s project T R A P S O U L. It’s the beginning of summer and the ‘Till The End Of Summer’ singer shares ‘Drugs‘ with the world, a song that is presumably from Villz’ forthcoming project ‘Ego‘ that gave us the alluring ‘Time Wasted‘ single.



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