Astute lyrics from Palmer Reed are broadcasted through an idiot box in his retro music video ‘SMART‘. Director Brill Adium’s aspect ratio is a throwback to the VCR age. Upon inserting a cassette then pressing ‘play’ A stylish silhouette of Palmer Reed and BIG MAKK (the late producer) are seen. “…now i’m glistening /OOH!/ paid attention now you listening…” is heard from the musician who left behind his guitar from his admirable ‘Changes‘ video for a swag-dripping vocal harmony. Palmer Reed’s ‘SMART‘ takes the bright idea of fusing 90s nostalgia with today’s synth-heavy hiphop melodies. Producers Andre, and BIG MAKK used weird science to create a sensual and psychedelic instrumental with viscous synths pouring over vicious basslines like Nickelodeon’s slime. ‘SMART‘ debuted on REVOLT.TV with their interview of the Orlando, FL musician. In the REVOLT interview Palmer describes his sound as  “Music that makes you think“. Surely ‘SMART‘ accomplishes that in a wavey way.

SMART is dedicated to  Samisoni ‘BIG MAKK’ Koroitamudu who met an untimely death in August. BIG MAKK’s big sound and influence will live long and prosper. 

Directed by: Brill Adium
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