Australian singer/songwriter Vanessa Elisha is an introverted loner. Listen as she breaks from her shell to sing a sultry apology meant for possibly herself, a lover, or just a friend in ‘Dark & Lonely’. Such is life of an introvert where words become increasingly elusive among others. Alone with the instrumental, Vanessa captures the perfect string of words to the stellar production of Orlando, FL native XXYYXX. The young producer’s soft synths lure the emotions from Vanessa’s vocals creating an alluring cadence on the electro-r&b song ‘Dark & Lonely’. Vanessa briefly explains her collaboration history with XXYYXX predating her cover of Drake’s ‘Good Ones Go’;

“I met Marcel (XXYYXX) a couple of years back through Twitter and we haven’t stopped making music together since. I sent him ‘Dark & Lonely’ and asked if he wanted to work on it, and he literally got a beat back to me the next day. It’s really easy with us, we kind of just get each other’s sound.” – Vanessa Elisha

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