His Zippo bores the engraving, “Baretta.” Her name triggers ponderous memories.

He mutters, “damn, can’t believe they took you from me.” Struggling to maintain a steady flame, strikes upon the flint send sparks flying.

Raindrops pitter-patter on the graveled footpath sounding like C notes from weighted piano keys.

“Come on lift me up, love, I keep falling

I’m losing faith ’cause you keep stalling,”

From a distance, the crooning of Lyves drowns in the noise of an encroaching downpour.

“lift me up, love, I keep falling

I’m losing faith ’cause you keep stalling.”

The deadweight of his memories submerged him in his sorrows. Gasping for air, thoughts of a brighter tomorrow lift him past the tides of tribulations.

What’s When Sparks Fly About?

When Sparks Fly is an arresting song from Vince Staple’s album, Ramona Park Broke My Heart. Influenced by Nas’ song, I Gave You Power, where the Queensbridge artist personifies a gun in his rap. Vince Staples raps from the perspectives of a gun and its triggerman in a lethal relationship. The Frano-produced song features vocals from Lyves and samples her song No Love. Learn more about Vince Staple’s album Ramona Park Broke My Heart here.

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