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Creatives Only Presents:
Jayaire Woods “The Woodside Connect”

Creatives Only presented Jayaire Woods’ first ever headliner “The Woodside Connect”. The Refuge Live-located minutes away from Chicago’s beautiful lakefront-was graced with 4 hours of pure Hiphop that didn’t just leave you hearing performances, rather feeling the power behind each and every word.


“The Woodside Connect” was a special night for Chicago’s westside and so deserved a special homegrown lineup of: UFB The Plymkrs, MFn Melo, and Femdot (Fem de la creame) as well as tunes spun by SqueakPivot, one of the hottest DJs in Chicago.

Energy spread like wildfire at “The Woodside Connect”

The lighting darkened, then the beat dropped as the Plymkrs took the stage. Energy spread like wildfire at “The Woodside Connect” as the crowd repeatedly jolted up and down just 10 seconds into the electrifying song “Trapical”. Just like that it became a Woodside party. Plymkrs have a niche for making you sway the dreads you don’t have on your head, A true indicator of how fun it is to watch them live.


With Quality Control Music’s finest primed to hit the stage, anticipation swelled within the crowd then suddenly “two shoes, Woodside, my God…” blared through the sound system. As Jayaire Woods gazed into the distance, he smiled and basked in the moment of seeing fans relay his heartfelt lyrics.

Jayaire’s performance mostly consisted of his debut project as a Quality Control Music artist, “FreeTheFall”. His hit song with labelmate Lil Yachty, “Man of the Year” was a highlight. The hit song pushed the crowd to its loudest point of the memorable night.

Such promise for the young man from Chicago’s “Woodside” area, we can only expect that by this time next year everyone will know where and what Jayaire Woods represents.


…this time next year everyone will know where and what Jayaire Woods represents.

photo credits: @lvtr_djay, & @TaeRiches