“Don’t sleep on the money…” the comforting vocals of Leandra Mcnair repeat enough times in the chorus to stain a hustler’s mindset into those listening to NIKO IS’ latest single ‘Soak Up The Hustle’. The Colours of the Culture emcee makes a glorious mess of the neatly pressed King Carlow instrumental. NIKO IS’ enjoyably obscene wordplay spews onto the elegant hardwood, 808 flooring as the ‘fresh out the dryer’ hi-hats aggressively dab up the melodic residuals from the backdrop. NIKO IS babbles on with a street inspired verse cooked up with a surplus of metaphors overflowing the pot with the resounding product that is ‘Soak Up The Hustle’.

Art cover by: T Rellz

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com