“Think for your fucking self” resonates as the phrase is uttered before the instrumental commences and Marv PAX starts his self inquisitive journey on his single 2008 Election. Yes the South Florida emcee can comment on social issues and present astute wordplay without electing to sound preachy or be the voice of reason as one must think for their fucking self. 2008 Election is just a gram of Marv PAX’s tangled thoughts from his dope tape,  Son Of A Ba$e. The visuals present a raw image with grainy filter effects used sparsely giving the #SoFloHipHop artist’s portrayal even more potency as he spits the sobering truth over a slurred saxophone loop and piercing piano key presses all drowned by an emphatic golden era boom bap beat. 2008 was a time where Americans-black, white, and in between-implored for change, expected change, yet received more of the same. Black president or white president, it doesn’t matter, it’s trivial. Change only comes from within. Think for your fucking self.

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com