Marcellus Juvann is a million dollar man in a $1000 car with 10$ blown speakers but a priceless sound, in his latest single ’03’ MALIBU’. With no AC, ’03’ MALIBU’ delivers heat from Marcellus’ blazingly visceral bars; singer Kali’s soothing singing on the chorus is the cool and gentle breeze from a cracked window. The vintage Erykah Badu sample that producer Jimmy D Beatz provides allows the listener to accompany the two artists on the nostalgic road until the end where the record makes a ‘California stop’ as the instrumental undergoes a DJ Screw treatment thus unearthing Marcellus’ Houston, TX roots which is also heard from his previous record ‘Houston Nights’, and his feature on Bria Zhanae’s single ‘Abril‘. Worrying about the future will amplify stress therefore Marcellus pioneers a way to relinquish more baggage than a bag lady on his easygoing single ’03’ MALIBU’, so for Throwback Thursday let go and reminisce with the Orlando, FL emcee until the November 22nd release of his highly anticipated album, The Fall.

You can catch Marcellus perform alongside other 8Pounds featured artists such as City Tucker , Palmer Reed, RellzMusiQ, Moody Green, and more this October 15th in Bullitt Bar at downtown Orlando, FL for the pop-up show, The Prohibited.

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