The Gospel according to Illz states “thou shall not cometh with thou wackith lyricsith”. The Grind Time Now battle rap founder brings NIKO IS, and Kim for a sermon of mind over matter on the single ‘Heaven Only Knows’. The trio of Orlando, FL emcees congregate to create a song that uplifts listeners past the fumes of materialism to a new ozone of music where inner wealth is glorified. The Grammy nominated producer, Ayo, offers a violin solo that steadily ascends to a kingdom of triumphant trumpets, and angelic chords for a Jazz spirited instrumental. Madd Illz begins by delivering his worthy words at a pace faster than a Pentecostal speaking in tongues; until we feel the calming soulfulness of Kim’s vocals as he harmonizes “Heaven only knows” on the chorus, and NIKO IS allows his customary colourful content to not only entertain but inspire. ‘Heaven Only Knows’ is featured, along with ‘Call To Action’, on Madd Illz latest album, United Slaves of America Vol. 2. The album is released by Conscious Mind Records where music with a message is the emphasis.


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