BOOM SHAKA LAKA! Here comes Kimbo karate chopping the beat like a ninja turtle on his single, ‘Chief Rocka’! Following the success to his song, ‘Nomy‘, The Orlando, FL emcee’s latest single is a gem in it’s own right, it being one of Kimbo’s Kim’s many vintage dope tracks undiscovered to fans searching for more of his music since his debut album with producer Jove Beats titled, ‘The Polymath‘. With a lyrically dense verse and a barrage of wordplay Kim rocks the mic like an honorary fourth member of the song’s original emcees, Lords Of The Underground. Just like the original New Jersey trio, The Orlando FL emcee delivers his verses with energy over the legendary K-Def and Marley Marl’s funky Jazz boom-bap beat of sampled trumpet blares, double bass plucks, and the at the time avant-garde record scratches from DJ K-Def.

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