Scenes of the late great boxer Ali are juxtaposed with Orlando, FL rapper/singer Kim. The two shadowbox behind the monochromatic filter of Kim’s music video, ‘Ali‘; a tribute to the title’s namesake. One spars with his fists, the other with his words. Kim’s unorthodox style goes toe-to-toe with Ali’s; his delivery floats like a butterfly, while his punchlines sting like a bee. Producer Jove Beats‘ monumental instrumental is an arena of steadfast synths, and victoriously pacing kick-drums.

The final round of the song is matched with a hard hitting message. The instrumental dies down into a mournful melody. The memory of the Orlando, FL Pulse shooting tragedy grows vivid as the black and white visual tenderly transitions into living color. “They gon’ have to hit us harder than that…” Kim dishearteningly sings on the chorus-contemplation in his tone. That day put the beautiful city, and the nation, in a haze. However, we refuse to stay down for the count. Back to our feet, like Muhammad Ali, ready to throw a left jab then an overhand right, fighting the good fight.

Director: David Daudin
Producer: Jove Beats


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