After hearing the african bongo taps crossed with synth styled hiphop crossed with the ‘Men In Black’ sample song known as ‘Ay Ay‘ about two years back, I was intrigued by the artist GodLink. I was not the only one as he has been named one of the newest additions to the 2015 XXL Freshman Class.

GoldLink’s eccentric flows, and apparent talent to meld contrasting topics together, and contrasting instrumentals with one another give the DMV MC a unique sound that is referred to as ‘future-bounce’; if asked for an analogy of this sound i would describe it as ‘oil and water’, the two don’t mix but yet can coexist in an enjoyable ‘vinaigrette’ harmony. The God Complex is a healthy serving of 9 tracks with a sole feature from Kali Uchs, and productions from Fingalik, McCallaman, Louie Lastic, and others. Amongst the 9 tracks is the song we covered, ‘When I Die‘.

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