Director CT Roberts tells the story of Saba driving down memory lane. He’s returning home, like the prodigal son. We’re served snapshots of loved ones at thanksgiving dinner and other heartwarming moments. Select songs from Saba’s album of the same name, Few Good Things, score these moments. The film’s themes contrast adolescence to adulthood/nappy roots to dreads.

With Saba, we reach the end of memory lane. The prodigal son exits his car approaching his empty childhood house where vines grow and bloom on its deteriorating exterior. ” An empty heart is full of memories. A few good things is to grow comfortable with the empty, and despite that, finding your fullness.”, A few good words from the Chicago artist.

As a storyteller, I’ve always been drawn to stories that attempt to identify what makes us who we are. The ones that ask questions like: What does having everything you need really look like? Is it sitting at a dinner table with your loved ones? Is it waking up next to the woman you love? Is it having cherished memories for all of those you care for, those still in the physical and those who passed on?

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact answers to all these but we know that it’s nothing that can be achieved from monetary fulfillment or anything materialistic. It’s a weight that can only be carried with you through years of experiences and memories made from putting the time in with those around you. No amount of money could ever replace that. In this film we want to refocus the conversation surrounding these ideas and help shed light on what’s really important in the grand scheme of it all.

  • Director’s Note from C.T. Robert

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