Pittsburgh singer CJ Tonic, and Rhode Island emcee Cru Alxndr, collaborate together for their EP,  Pink Treasure. The tape is an ode to females around the world, a world admittedly dominated by men and some of these men objectify women; Pink Treasure is the perspective from the other men who treasure the worth of worthy women. The 11 tracks produced by CJ Tonic, Cru Alxndr, Mykalife, and Ryan Ryghteous Tedder capture the emotions such a man goes through when in lust then in love. The productions have a subtle somber sense to them yet are lined with radiant synths a la a silver lining to a dark cloud. A must listen track is the eloquent R&B rendition of Mobb Deep’s Shook Ones. The mixtape is  primal listening especially during Breast Cancer Month & Pinktober when brave women around the world are recognized, CJ Tonic and Cru Alxndr’s Pink Treasure recognizes the aspects of why a man can lust, and love a woman. For even more insight, the two artist sit down with Bennett Knows Radio and delve into the inspiration behind their album.

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com