Today’s global society begins to resemble the Cold War times as tensions between USA and Russia increase amongst other nations’ quarrels. Most recently Iran’s nuclear deal has it’s neighboring ‘rival’, Saudi Arabia, losing sleep. Everybody’s got beef, just ask Drake and Meek. These issues affect everyone in the entire world including KRIKOS, Saudi Arabian born, Orlando, FL local artist, and prominent member of Colours Of The Culture. Danny Krikorian (KRIKOS) premieres his Masood Ahmed directed music video, The Numbers which is from his self-produced LP, Rise Of The Eastern Sun. Ahmed’s video provides clips of riots, and military tanks being bombarded with stones thrown by feed up citizens. To accompany these clips are shots of KRIKOS rapping the social tensions while YousTheJuice paints the statue of liberty. Rise Of The Eastern Sun is KRIKOS’ debut album with him dawning the role as an emcee for the first time since he normally does production, and illustration, for example: the Floss remix with fellow Colours Of The Culture founder, NIKO IS, and the legendary Talib Kweli, and KRIKOS’ latest BASTART collection with one piece being the cover art for NIKO’s and Wes Fif’s song One Time, as featured on 8Pounds.

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