Donald Glover’s FX series Atlanta has met enthusiastic reception from critics and the public alike. Since its recent season finale the actor/writer/rapper/singer/music producer/show producer is removing his acting cap in replace for his music cap, resuming his moniker, Childish Gambino. Childish Gambino’s new song “Me and Your Mama” is the first single offered from his December 2nd upcoming album “Awake, My Dear”. There have been a few songs from the project sprinkled thought out episodes of his Atlanta series. The album cover (pictured above) itself is spotted in Episode 9 “Juneteenth”.
The multi-talented individual hosted a three day event in September titled the Pharos Experience. The event showcased experimental sounds from Childish Gambino, sounds that blend hip-hop with funk, rock, blues, and soul. ‘Me and Your Mama’ is a blend of funk and rock; Childish Gambino takes inspiration from OutKast’s ‘Ms. Jackson‘ and Jimmy Hendrix’s ‘All Along The Watchtower‘, amongst other soothing elements. Donald Glover’s eclectic sound and style helped his 2013 mixtape ‘Because The Internet’ receive a Grammy nomination. A nomination one could expect for his series Atlanta, and hopefully, his album ‘Awake, My Dear’.

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