Blue November’s album, Dystopia’s Offspring, is a reality perceived through the lens of abstraction. The BANY Records emcee presents a gray planet engulfed in a smog of burning green grass. “This is my world you just live in it”, Blue raps on the Lentra produced track ‘Okra’, a testament that Blue November’s desolate experiences are the life-breath of this 11-track ‘world’. The downpour of gloomy boom-bap and jazz instrumentals from producers: Alfonso X, Luke Bonds, Contour, and others, are a perfect utopia for the mind to wallow in.

Artwork by dvneyeam

“Over the course of this past summer I wrote this album. dissecting the situations I saw myself get into and the ways I perceived them. we’re all a product of any society we’re born into. and it does no justice to hide the fact that the world is fucked up, and because of that, we are too. There’s beauty in it all though, at the end of the day.” – Blue November

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