In the sunshine state Blue November metaphorically sports a peacoat in his latest video ‘Pea Coat Pimp’. The Born Again New York Records artist’s presents a chilly narrative of how one must wear a thick skin just to survive the “bottomless pit” of poverty. Head held high delivering gritty yet grandiloquent rhymes will make you think Blue November was sporting the chic coat just for the hell of it as you can feel the power from his verbal delivery over producer Lvstlivingsoul’s sultry saxophone sample from Sir Edwards’ song, Betcha. Director David Daudin of MYTO Studios provides a bleak backdrop through a desaturated color filter that wears a meager gold hue for all the scenes of Blue and his Left Field Theory cohorts loitering in run down locales. This adds that extra element of irony to ‘Pea Coat Pimp’ which is from Blue November’s latest tape, ‘Runescape’.


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