The quantity of arrows in Cupid’s quiver quickly wane when Valentine’s day approaches. “Cupid is too busy in the club”, it’s up to R&B singer BJ The Chicago Kid to become BJ The Backup Kid and take on Cupid’s responsibility in BJ’s record ‘The New Cupid’ from his album ‘In My Mind’. The smooth, soulful vocals of BJ The Chicago Kid take aim to inspire all those mistakenly thinking love is gone. BJ’s vocals reach a flesh piercing pitch, each falsetto precisely aimed at a gallant yet bashful bass guitar courting a timid percussion drum, and a charming chorus sweeping a ladylike violin off it’s feet. BJ The Kid’s long time acquainted artist, Kendrick Lamar, raps “i’m unemployed, my heart that don’t work”, as you feel his pain. Kendrick is a man without Faith, and out of options, desperately looking for love in all the wrong places to no avail his verse ends with the familiar hapless plea for just another shot at Faith. ‘The New Cupid’ is an overcast of a song that samples the melodramatic melody of Raphael Saadiq’s “Oh Girl”, pleasantly concluding with a light hearted skit, albeit a silver lining, binding pain with humor in matrimony.

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