After providing fans with his ‘3 Act Play Series’, Will Brennan returns with his latest offering,the PigeonsandPlanes premiere of ‘Smoke and Mirrors. Dim Mak Record’s first hiphop artist enlists the visionary behind Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise cover, Bryan Rivera, for a hazy cover art in similar fashion, and LA producer, Madeaux, who marries synths akin to that of an ’80s Roland D-50 and acoustic percussions for the instrumental. Smoke and Mirrors begins with the stifling synths that reverb while light taps of a bongo saunter in; hand in hand the instruments raise a harrowing ambience that leads into Will Brennan’s verse expressing remorse for burning a bridge to love. Smoke and Mirrors now has a music video and will be a precursor to Will Brennan’s upcoming Black Americana album, in the mean time check out the BTS footage. This song could have been the soundtrack to AMC’s award winning show Halt And Catch Fire.


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