When A relationship dies, its memory continues to live. “I’ve been hanging out with ghosts, they seem to understand me the most…” producer/singer TRVLR croons on the chorus of his melancholy ballad ‘Hanging Out With Ghosts’. TRVLR reunites with director Daniel Wilson for the scenic music video. TRVLR’s self-produced instrumental is a marriage of alternative rock and R&B. The melody haunts TRVLR alongside agonizing memories of Amy Gdalla. TRVLR explains eloquently, ” See, I was trying to get better…“, but just like most people TRVLR  chooses to self medicate, easing the pain of letting go.

Directed by Daniel Wilson
Director of Photography Darren Streibig
Edited by Daniel Wilson & Darren Streibig
Music produced by TRVLR, Jonny Whynock, & Christian Walker
Additional Production / Mixed / Mastered by Andy Anderson


Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com