Reality is about perception. Jim Carrey’s 1998 movie “The Truman Show” is about the existential crisis of when the world we’ve come to know begins deteriorating in front of our eyes. We seek comfort and in doing so we willingly enter an echo chamber that’ll inevitably suffocate us. Sylvan LaCue shows listeners the door out of the chamber in his single “The Truman Show”.

“It’s about being aware of your comfort zone and choosing to step out of it. Regardless of the obstacles thrown in front of you to prevent it.”  Sylvan LaCue expresses to Pigeons And Planes about his self-produced single.

Sylvan LaCue‘s instrumental has a cathartic melody, lulling listeners into a bliss. Featured singer Xavier Omar delivers his vocals in a calming manner. “Don’t ever get too comfortable” Xavier harmonizes on the chorus, as to coax listeners out of that comfort zone.

Sylvan LaCue would like to welcome you to his December 1st show where he will be performing in front of an acoustic band. Purchase discounted tickets here.

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