Otown Marco and  Keano Spitta take a long bus ride to a car dealership. The High School graduate tosses his backpack full of Dead presidents to the car dealer who tosses Marco the keys to an all white mustang with the roof missing. As the treads hit the road, Jay Splash’s production takes off with a frenzy of 808 percussions, and Otown Marco hits the scene in his ‘Money Man’ video. Director Nassacre’s visuals depict a reality of living lavish within your means and with those that mean the most. Marco convenes with his WFFW crew. With his girl by his side the rapper hits the fast lane…of Sonics where him and his girl splurge on a meal. Extra Tater tots because “she messing with the money man”.

Director: Nasser Boulaich (Nassacre)
1st AC + Asst. Cinematographer: Zachary Maxwell
Drone: DomByDesign

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com