Sylvan LaCue takes inspiration from the soulful poet, Gil Scott-Heron, in his single “Televised”. The emcee’s self-produced song is a social commentary of the civil unrest felt across the nation today as it once did when Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Revolution will not be televised!” began to propagate throughout history. The soothing voice of Rayana Jay is the hope that consoles the bombastic, jazz-hiphop single that is “Televised”.

“Making this song for me was all about challenging myself & the listener to think about the type of change we want in these times. Between the killings, riots, protests, & the presidency, I think were starting to seek healing & real change within our country & communities. But the variables are vast, including ourselves, & we have to be real with ourselves. Do you want a revolution? Is that what were on the brink of? Because if so, the revolution will never be televised, & we play a part in our need for change just as much as the powers that be.” – Sylvan LaCue

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