O’Town’s Marco recollects the moment he laid eyes on a work of art during a decadent night of partying in the premiere of his single ‘Mona Lisa’. The homie SlimBeatz produces a sfumato-esque instrumental with smokey synths, hazy hi-hats, and a subtle melancholy atmosphere for Marco’s imagery. The artist raps about feeling speechless gazing upon the beauty of his ideal woman. She’s tipsy, he’s so faded he ‘almost hit his ex up (boy don’t do it!)’, both are drunk on infatuation yet Marco’s delivery never stumbles as he frames another night of what begins to feel like deja vu, but just blame it on the alcohol. ‘Mona Lisa’ is the follow up to Marco’s wavey single ‘The Drought‘, both will appear on the WFFW emcee’s upcoming album, Blue December.

Artwork by: Raelyfla & Trapghanistan

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com