On A trip back home to Houston, TX local emcee, Marcellus Juvann, reminds us that the night can be harrowing. His single, Houston Nights, has vocalist, Mikah The Muse, yield an eerily angelic presence throughout the record as there’s no peace for the haunted. Producer Jayze creates a symphonic atmosphere of downpour, and electric guitar chords that wail like Lucille – the late B.B. King’s guitar. The H-Town native let’s his quick-fire style light the track with his dreams and aspirations contrasting the nightmarish production that then concludes with a snippet from Southside Roll On Choppaz by the late DJ Screw whose birthday was the other day. The Fall will be Marcellus Juvann’s upcoming project since the elite mixtape, Carpe Diemwas initially slept on in 2012. You can catch the emcee perform along with headliner, Elhae, for the TSA Showcase on July 28th at BackBooth in Orlando, FL.


Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com