17 July
Features Hip Hop

Lacrxz x iEKNOWS (Interview)



Maria Alexandra of Lacrxz (pronounced ‘La Cruise’, no need to put your pink up) sits down with Orlando, FL artist iEKNOWS to hear his journey from Minnesota to Florida, and from athlete to emcee. For the full interview click here.

Orlando’s conscious rap scene has been growing and one name that sticks out amongst them all is iEKNOWS. The 6’9” rapper has been blessing the stage with his positive energy and undeniable talent. His latest single “intermission 1998” has been on the lacrxz play list for over a year and his much anticipated official music video has finally dropped! IE teamed up with lacrxz and one of Orlando’s most talented visual artist Nassacre Boulaich to recreate the story of his transition from Minnesota to Orlando. The year was 1998…

M: When did you realize you could rap?

IE: When I was young I would quote a lot of Will Smith songs. I used to listen to the radio and learn all the songs and add my own twist to them. I realized I could rhyme at 8 or 9 when I first moved to Florida, sometime around 1998…