“Around Me” is the latest single from Orlando, FL rapper Épique. “I aim to make something people could enjoy, sing along to, and vibe with.”, says the driven rapper Épique. The 94 produced, bass heavy instrumental, with picturesque southern influence, round well with Épique’s charismatic cadence, the constant hi-hats clap like a standing ovation.

“I wrote this song after realizing the shift in everything taking place in my life. Not too long ago I was in a bit of a depression from losing my job which resulted in me having to do things such as sell dime bags just to get by. That was a harsh reality for me especially after dropping out of school because it made me wonder if I made the right decision in regards to whether I should still be pursuing a career as a musician or not. However I was able to get myself out of this situation that I was in simply by staying positive, surrounding myself with people who want to see me succeed and being more mindful of those around me…” – Épique

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com