I stumbled upon the chance to get to know Billy Cave my sophomore year of college.

For a semester I lived with the man and his manager, Justice. That semester put some hair on my chest. I watched the two work together like the left and right hand. Many nights returning home where Billy was preparing for a set and Justice ironing out details over the phone will forever be engraved in my ears.

My muscles still ache from carrying his equipment between locations and I still check behind my back for Randy, their (creepy) mannequin they clothed with their label’s apparel. I guess you could say I “couldn’t hang”, because I moved out that same semester. Ever since, Billy has continued to make noise in the Nashville music scene – playing a long list of shows in and around Tennessee.

lots of love for nashville. thanks for helping us sell out highwatt. ?: @maddoxpro

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Billy’s success is matched by his label, Broad St., which has had a successful year. Broad St. is more of an aesthetic collective than a label, as they tackle many areas from music creation and creating their own clothing to performance booking and video production. All members of the collective are providing quality content that matches the collective’s aesthetic as well as their own.


When not working on improving Broad St, Billy is working on music. WIFI-FEELS is the title of his next project, and is rumored to feature music at a much calmer pace than Billy’s usual tempo.

Billy Cave

If you don’t already know, Billy’s music is raw emotion. Whether the job is to perform at a rager or produce a soundtrack for a movie about meditation, he can do it. His music takes different forms for various occasions, but it always has the ability to relate to the listeners. For instance Billy Cave’s recent single is an enthralling flip of We Dem Boyz, one of Wiz Khalifa’s many hit songs.

I learned Billy Cave has a lot of music in the works with respectable hiphop artists, using noteworthy artists such as A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott as inspiration. Billy’s hiphop sound can clearly be seen when he is working with Zach Taylor, a rapper in Broad St, and has also been noticed by other big names in the industry. By “other big names” I am speaking of artists such as Chancellor Warhol and Felly, the latter of which performed with Billy side by side at a recent show. ”

The recap below will show you the man behind these texts and also give you a sample of Billy’s unreleased single playing in the background.

More of Billy’s music can be heard here. You can also find the Broad St. website here to learn more about the collective.

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